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It’s no secret that Families of Slain Children, Inc. (FOSCI) is supported by local churches in the Jacksonville, Florida community.  Beverly McClain, Founder/CEO of FOSCI, takes the time to thank these church supporters with a heart warming video.  The video also shares the story of three mothers (C. Ivey, E. Chapman, and J. Williams) who lost their children to violence and homicide; and how their church and  FOSCI reached out to them with the support they needed during their time of lost and grief.

FOSCI depends on community donations and support to keep their doors open to families after facing the horror of violence and homicide against a family member. Special thanks to Pastors Michael and Connie Smith of The Church of Jacksonville (CJAX), Pastor Federick Newbell of First Timothy Baptist Church, Pastor Mark Albert of Christ Church of Jacksonville, and Pastor Ruth Taylor, Chaplain of FOSCI for their on-going support.

Click on the video to watch.