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Crime is no stranger to the FOSCI staff, volunteers, community partners, and families impacted by homicide in Jacksonville, Florida’s communities.  Therefore, free professional support services to families are still available through the FOSCI organization.  Crime statistics and the cost to support the survivors of  families left to face tragic cases are continuing to rise in 2016 and beyond.  FOSCI accepts the challenge to make a difference.

FOSCI is located in the heart of  Jacksonville’s northside community.  As an active non-profit organization, the FOSCI staff and volunteers are advocates of victim’s rights. For over 8 years homicide victim’s families have depended on FOSCI to sponsor venues  that allow them to reach out to each other to discuss the grief and economic issues they face and  to provide professional support services that help enable them to survive the most tragic loss of their loved ones as a result of homicide.

Beverly McClain, CEO of Families of Slain Children, Inc. (FOSCI) thanks you for your donations and support.  There continues to be a rough road ahead when it comes to stopping the violence in our communities.  Your continued participation, prayers, and financial donations are appreciated.