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Beverly Jenkin
FOSCI Family Member
On March 12, 2011 I lost my baby son, Tommie, to a drive by shooting. Beverly McClain contacted me right away. Our sons knew each other and our moms did also. Beverly McClain was with me very step of the way… beginning to the end. She came by every day with refreshments for the family. She called me and prayed with me daily! I didn't have Insurance at all! Beverly McClain had all the paperwork available to help me get funding for my son’s funeral. She even had someone to work with me from Page Funeral Home. FOSCI helped to set up everything. They even had people bring food and other necessities to my house. I was able to visit FOSCI and talk to other FOSCI families that had lost love ones due to homicide at a FOSCI balloon release in honor of my son and other victims. I suggest that FOSCI continue their food and clothing giveaway, provide job training, use their resources to get jobs for the unemployed, and implement crime prevention programs for our youth.