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Latonya Carter
FOSCI Family Member
My son, Earl Carter Jr., was murdered December 26, 2012. I met with Mrs. Beverly McClain at the FOSCI facility on December 27, 2012. When Earl was shot, FOSCI was there for me and my family from the beginning until now. It’s been over two years. Of course, when you and your family are dealing with the pains of losing your loved one, there is no time limit. You will go through the separation, the withdrawals and all types of emotions. But then there is Ms. Beverly and FOSCI right there with you. Anybody that knows Ms. Beverly knows she is not going to allow you to go through any of this alone. I don’t care how much I pull back or say no the heart and the love that God has put in her words can’t be explained even in the midst of the situation she faced on December 12, 2012. I will never forget it and I live it almost every day. My son, Earl Carter Jr. … my future Pharmacist… was the innocent victim of a stand by drive by shooting. Loved by many and two years later, the family still carries the pain and no one still have stepped up but FOSCI. FOSCI has been a true blessing through the whole thing. From spiritual support, physical support, counseling, walks for justice, and food. This past Christmas was a true blessing to me and my family. We had no plans for a Christmas. However, the smiles on my kids face was something I hadn’t seen in a while. We are really thankful to everyone. FOSCI has been a strong support for me and my family. Without organizations like FOSCI, the holidays would be some of the saddest times in our lives for a family of a homicide victim.