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Family of Slain Children, Inc. (FOSCI)
Give Back to the Community

Jacksonville, Florida November 22, 2014:  FOSCI, a non-profit organization, was overflowing with people in need, gathering at the FOSCI Annual Thanksgiving Feast tables in north Jacksonville. Some people were members of FOSCI families impacted by homicide, some out of a job, some out of money, some struggling with addictions or having their first Thanksgiving on the streets.  A hearty, hot, and nutritious Thanksgiving meal was prepared and served with love and compassion by the FOSCI staff and volunteers to give real meaning to the holiday season.  FOSCI’s mission is to empower children and families that have lost loved ones to homicide by employing initiatives for long term growth, community development, and educational reinvestment. FOSCI relies on donations from the public for successful operations.  FOSCI thanks all donors supporting their mission. Donations to FOSCI are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Any gifts received above FOSCI’s current operations will be used to help care for families in need and impacted by homicide throughout the year. To learn more explore FOSCI’s website at www.fosci.org.